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The Vision

Our vision all started with passion. Passion about bodies, movement, healing, community, exploration, discovery and lots of journeys to different destinations that brought us to experience wellness in all it’s forms. From this passion Andolana Tribe was born, we want to offer you every type of experience your mind, body and soul can journey on. From retreats of all sorts to one on one private sessions, we have you covered.

Movement, exploration, community and more

With Andolana Tribe we are inviting you to get back to your roots, to reconnect with parts of yourself that might have been lost along the way. We also invite you to join a community that is driven to inspire each one of us, to help you grow through life’s many paths. Learn more about what we have to offer you through movement, coaching, retreats, wellness.

What we have to share with you

Wellness Retreats | One on One Yoga Sessions | Guided Meditation Sessions | Thai Yoga Massage Therapy | Pop-Up Wellness Events | Corporate Yoga & Mindfulness| Giving Back to Mama Earth Events & Community building

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