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Wild Heart Ceremony & Thai Yoga Massage Workshop

During the month of February, the month where we are called each year to reconnect with the essence of love, to the essence of softening into our hearts but also letting the heart be wild in its true nature, from learning to love our own unique self to the people that surround us. To observe in which shoes do we stand,the giver or the receiver and might we need to balance it out?

This get together will bring you to examine where you sit with your heart, where do you stand as a giver or receiver, how have you been treating that gorgeous beating heart of yours? Have you been in full listening mode or have you been ignoring it’s call and decided to tap more into your mind than your wild wild heart?

We will explore this part of us with heart-opening flows, some ecstatic heart-opening movements, meditation, connecting with the people around us through some breathing exercises and finally we will practice being both the receiver and giver through Thai Yoga Massage.

This workshop is meant for everyone, come alone or come with loved ones to explore and reconnect with your wild heart. Listen to it, it’s one of the most beautiful gift you’ll encounter when you start to just listen, soften and reconnect to your wild-hearted self.

See you Sunday, February 16th 3-5 pm.

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